I studied Fine Art at Brighton before doing an MA in Drawing at Wimbledon School of Art. I had previously read English at Cambridge. This diversity in my education has influenced my art practice in different ways over the years. I spent some time working as an illustrator, an area where, of course, words and images meet, and although I no longer do so much illustration work, I am still interested in the image which hints at a story.

This is one branch of my work. Other ways of working also interest me: large scale, semi-abstract landscapes, still life in pencil and wash, cartoons and flower paintings and figures. My practice began with drawing and there is often a drawn element in my work but almost any medium has its charms and I am constantly distracted and delighted by the possibilities of oil, acrylic and pastel, by moving up or down in scale and by the process of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction by which a work comes into being.